What is 5S methodology

What is 5S methodology



What is 5S methodology

5S methodology

A factory that has not adopted the 5-S’s is dirty with oil, dirt, and chips. Parts and boxes are lying around in non-designated areas; high precision equipment is bought, but not maintained. When a jig or fixture is needed, it cannot be found. The morale of associates is poor and the plant is doomed for trouble.
5S methodology

5S methodologyHere’s what 5-S means:
5S methodologySort
Separate what is needed and what is not needed, and keep only those things that are needed in the workplace. Discard unnecessary items.
Neatly place and identify needed work items. Designate a place for every thing so that anyone can find it. Always put things back in their designated spots.
Clean up. Always maintain a clean and shiny
work place.  Identify why things are getting dirty.
Become a role model for adhering to the standards of the first three S’s and encourage others to follow them. Make rules and procedures to promote a good work environment until the first three S’s become everybody’s second nature.
5S methodologySustain
Maintain and practice the first four S’s. Be thorough in straightening up, putting things in order and cleaning.

5S methodologyOK, what happens when the 5-S’s are used?

5-S is the Top Salesperson

  • A Neat and Clean Facility impresses customers
  • A Neat and Clean Facility wins more contracts
  • A Neat and Clean Facility is more productive
  • A Neat and Clean Facility produces fewer defects

5-S is Thrifty
•   A Neat and Clean Facility is thrifty and economizes on everything

5-S is the Engine of Safety
•   A Neat and Clean Facility is spacious, bright, visibly appealing
•   A Neat and Clean Facility is a much safer place to work

    • Work areas and traffic areas are clearly marked
    • Hoses and electrical cords are not on the floor

5-S is a Timekeeper
•   A Neat and Clean Facility meets deadlines better

5-S Promotes Standardization
•   Better communication results in better understanding of plans and decisions
•   Visual presentation of instructions is widespread
•   Associates can easily perform most operations
•   Quality and cost are stabilized with clearly communicated goals

5S methodology5-S creates an enjoyable workplace
•   Fewer troubles in a bright, clean workplace.
•   More involvement of associates and more ideas for improvement
•   New ideas are quickly adopted
•   There is a spirit of improvement in the plant.
•   A Get-It-Done attitude is the rule.

5S methodology



5S methodology










 How do we implement a 5-S program?
Step 1 – Align the organization to adopt 5-S

  • Management and hourly associates participate
  • Assign a 5-S champion devoted to the Lean Program
    • In charge of all 5-S education and promoting
    • Lead by example / Promote gradual implementation strategy and continuous improvement involving everyone
    • Declare the start of the 5-S movement

Step 2 – Schedule Kaizen Activities within individual workcells

  • Initial Kaizen events should be conducted in areas with high impact, but fairly easy to implement
    • Sort - Conduct a Red Tagging Event
    • “Set In Order”- Organize Equipment, Tools, Parts and Materials
    • Shine – Make everything Spic and Span - Conduct a Cleaning Event
    • Standardize
      • Take Pictures of Before and After
      • Establish display and reporting boards
  • Set aside 3 to 4 days for the event
  • The work cell leader is the focus - get rid of unnecessary things
  • Disposal of some items will be controlled by the management team
    • Valuable items
    • Items for which responsibility is unknown
    • Items which are used by multiple workcells
    • Items that are difficult to decide on
  • List, prioritize, and implement improvements
    • Make a 5-minute announcement of improvements in the work area
    • Expect originality in each work area

Step 3 - Maintaining the 5-S workcell

    • Management audits results monthly
      • Workplace organization
      • Workcell documentation
      • Workcell Improvement
      • Public Commendation of superior work!
    • Management adopts and communicates best practices
    • Management adopts standards
    • Management makes extensive use of visual management techniques so that other work areas can imitate good ideas

5S methodology

5S methodology 

5S methodology
Sort:Separate what is needed and what is not needed, and keep only those things that are needed in the workplace.  Discard unnecessary items.
Something used once a year would not be an everyday item. And we would not necessarily need all of the everyday items at once; but if lost, a replacement would be necessary.
The Key to Sorting
Sort does not mean that you throw out only items that you are sure you will never need.  Nor does it mean that you arrange things into neat, straight patterns.  When you sort, you leave only the bare essentials. When in doubt, throw it out!
Even after neatly arranging our tools, the proper tool can be difficult to find if we haven’t eliminated those which we don’t need. If we don’t get rid of things, we may not have room for the stuff we do need.
Before expanding, let’s think of organizing first!
5S methodology


We’ll be surprised at how spacious the plant becomes

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What is 5S methodology


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What is 5S methodology



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What is 5S methodology